Guest Bio - Bishop James Bowman

Bishop James H. Bowman, Sr., through his devotion to the Will of God has been blessed in many facets of his life. Since his union to Kathy Bowman, they have had only one agenda and that is to win lost souls for Christ. Together they have participated in numerous community outreach programs, lecturers and seminars in order to spread the gospel across the country.

In 1983, Bishop Bowman was appointed the pastor of Antioch FBH Church after his father Rev. Morris L. Bowman Sr. retired. In 1994, Bishop Bowman was appointed the ruling Elder of the Canadian District of the FBH Churches of God of the Americas.

In 1995, Bishop James & Kathy Bowman, was one of many host pastors for the Buffalo Area AZUSA Conference with Bishop Carlton Pearson and guests. Along with his wife Kathy Bowman, they have performed with legendary greats such as Andre Crouch, Walter Hawkins, and Karen Clark-Sheard.

In 1997, Bishop James & Kathy Bowman released their first CD nationally along with the Antioch Sanctuary Choir entitled, “Please Stay,” featuring Dorinda Clark-Cole. In 1998, Bishop Bowman was appointed the ruling Elder of the newly organized Western New York District of the FBH Churches.

In 1999, Bishop Bowman began a consistent work with international ministries that took him into the countries of Jamaica and Canada. As a result of his faithfulness to the ministry, Bishop Bowman has received extended invitations to England, Africa, and India.

In 2000, Bishop Bowman was appointed the national Director of Music of the FBH Churches.

In 2003, Bishop Bowman accepted the elevation to the sacred office of the Bishopric, and also, the establishment of the newly formed organization, “Great Commission Fellowship of Churches International.”

Even with such great responsibilities, he has still found time to provide a loving support for his four children – Karla (Chakunda), James Jr., Kristina, and Jason.

Bishop Bowman has made Jesus Lord and Saviour of his life along with the driving ambition to preach the Gospel and win souls for Christ.